Why Small Breast are Superior to Large ones

It seems that women are always comparing themselves to other women in order to find even more parts of their body to dislike, with breasts being high up on the list. Whether a woman possesses small breasts, large breasts, or breasts that are somewhere in between she is never happy. If she has small breasts she wishes they were larger, whilst if she has large breasts then smaller breasts are better. Why can’t women be happy with the breasts they have got, rather than conjuring up the image of perfect breasts that don’t really exist? Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes, so who is to say whether some are superior to others?

However, for many women size is an issue, especially if they are well-endowed since their breasts are a very prominent feature of their body and they feel they are being judged for having large breasts. It is hard to disguise a large chest and women often feel restricted in the clothes they can wear, as they don’t want to appear as though they are trying to attract male attention by wearing low-cut tops, for instance. Many women are self-conscious of their large breasts, feeling that they have to wear a bra under their clothes to keep their breasts hoisted up, and despising the fact that the bras available for them to wear are generally unflattering and not particularly sexy.

Some women even decide to wear a bra to bed because their chest is an inconvenience and their breasts tend to get in the way so that wearing a bra is the only way they can get comfortable enough to sleep. Clearly, a woman who has such large breasts that they affect her ability to sleep is not likely to be happy with the size of her breasts. Indeed, women with large breasts have to carry a significant amount of weight on their chest, which can end up damaging their back. Smaller breasts can be regarded as superior in the sense that they are unlikely to cause the pain and discomfort that large breasts can.

However, having small breasts can be just as damaging for some women’s self-esteem as having large breasts can be for other women’s, as a significant amount of importance seems to be attached to breasts, since they appear to be regarded as a key marker of femininity. Consequently, women find themselves trying to live up to a female body that is unattainable, convinced that there are women out there with the perfect female form, including perfectly proportioned breasts that don’t sag and which are aesthetically pleasing. The truth, though, is that few women are satisfied with their breasts whatever size they happen to be.