Which Kinds of Bangs should i get

There are many different names for bangs, names such as fringes, forehead furniture, helmets, but whatever you choose to call them, you either love them or you hate them.

If they are done properly, bangs will accentuate you features and give you a look of style and sophistication, but if they are not done properly, they can look disastrous and make you look ridiculous!

For some women, bangs are part of their everyday styling regime, staying with them throughout their whole life, but for others, they are merely a fashion accessory, and they come and go with the seasons.

But whichever kind of woman you are, if you are going to have bangs, you need to know which ones to get to make the most of your face shape.

But before you can determine which bangs you need, you must determine which face shape you have.

Round face: A round face is characterised by having a short forehead and the temple is often the same width as the jaw. Those with round faces tend to look more youthful.

Long face: A long face will mean that your temples and jaw are the same width, and someone with a long face will more often than not have a high forehead.

Square face: A square face will have a prominent jaw and very defined bone structure.

Oval face: Oval faces tend to be symmetrical with the jaw being only slightly wider than the temples.

Now that you have established your face shape, you can begin to decide which bangs would suit you best.

Round face. Round faces tend to look on the chubbier side, even if that person is very slim, this is what tends to give the person a more youthful appearance, which can be a blessing, but can be quite frustrating because their face looks chubbier than it is!

If you have a round face, try to choose longer feathery side bangs, keep these gently tucked at the side of your face. These will appear to slim your face and reduce the emphasis on your cheeks.

Long face: Longer faces are prone to having higher more prominent foreheads, which can be quite frustrating as this can seem to drag the face down. You can opt for blunt straight bangs to cover up the forehead, or you can try longer, side bangs which will help to disguise the line of the forehead and appear to reduce the size of it.

Square face: Square faces can look quite severe with certain types of bangs, avoid any kind of blunt cut bangs as these will make your face look harsh. Try to stick with feathery longer side bangs to help soften your features.

Oval face: If you are lucky enough to have an oval face, you can get away with most kinds of bangs, you can really experiment, just make sure you keep them in good condition.