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Uma Thurman has unruly thin hair and she is beautiful! Uma has learned to make the most of what she has. So can you. Comparing yourself with celebrities like Selma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez or your best friend’s hair will only bring misery. Not one of us are alike.

Medium thin hair can be fine textured and needs a little bit of assistance to look and feel more chunk. The first thing that should be done is selecting the proper haircut. There are several trendy bobs for you to select from today. When your hair is cut in an edged fashion, each layer of hair is leveled to the same degree and paneled over one another. This means that the bottom hair shaft is the shortest area on your head. Thus, the bob was born, around the 1920’s and has been alive ever since.

There are several versions of the bob. The dutch girl without bangs, for example has a part usually on the side while the sides of the hair angles impressively longer than the nape in the back, proclaiming an inverted title. The dutch boy can be the same way, only with bangs. One choice could be a small tapering affect in the back that would go up about two inches from the nape and the rest of the hair edged right on the top of the last row of the taper. The sides would angle down directed toward the ends of your mouth.

If you have a thick neck, you do not want to go too short or be too long. Wearing your hair too short would only maximize the negative. Wearing your bob too long would drag your face down and make your body look larger. Go middle of the road and think about a collar cuffing bob. The hairstyle would ride up from the collar about an inch with an undercut. The undercut would grant the hair in your back to tilt under just a small bit and then angle down conservatively along your jaw line.

If your heart is set on layers, why not have your stylist tweak the ends of the sides? In that way, your hair will be slightly splayed along the cheeks, but still have plenty of motion in one section. Subtle chopping along the bangs will bring a light fluffiness not normally seen with the bob. This clip fares really good when the taper is higher in the back and the weighty edge moves into a short dramatic angle from the center to just under the ears. This is a very upscale clip and can be quite appealing and sophisticated. A wink of professional ingenuity can be life changing.

There are degrees of thinness to hair and should you still have the fine texture that you were born with when you were a baby, it is vital to know that you have to be very careful with your hair because it is naturally very weak; especially when it is wet. Never brush your hair when wet, as it could break off. Chances are, you have already experienced that disheartening revelation.

Extremely thin, fine, soft hair can look better when styled flat on the top, as this will give the impression of having more hair. There are a few alternatives available besides the flat or poof. One is to set your whole head with small conventional rollers and use a wide toothed comb to lightly comb it out when dry. The tight curls will give an optical illusion of more hair. Another recourse is to use old fashioned pin curls all over your head. When dry lightly comb through and spritz with a light spray. A smart thought is to have a handy styled wiglet close by, so you can slip it on when you are going out for the evening; especially if the weather is testy. If celebrities do it, so can you!

Whatever degree of thinness your hair may be, apply a protein based gel when you blow dry your hair, or roll it. The gel will fill up the cuticle and expand your hair shaft. Your hair will have some viscidity and stout up! Everything you buy for your hair should have Keratin in it, as this is a powerful protein and will strengthen your hair. It’s almost like putting muscles in your hair.

There are ladies who choose to have a color, foils or a permanent to put some solidity into their hair. Again, depending upon the degree of thinness verses weakness would decide whether you could have both. This is when the guidance of a professional counselor is needed.

Think again about a body wave! If your past experiences have been to cut your entire wave off, because of frizz, mush or not lasting; then you may not have had the right perm or the right hairstylist. We all need something along the way to give us some punch on our journey. Professional experience will choose medium to large perm rods and very gently wrap your hair into the direction of the new style. The custom selection of a delicate permanent particular for your type of hair is critical; this is why it is important to never attempt this yourself. Wait two weeks after your perm before you attempt anything else. By this time, you will be getting use to your new hairstyle with the new gels and all the paraphernalia that goes with blow drying you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven!

Grab that towel! We are going to put some real texture in your hair. In salon circles it is sometimes called oomph! If you happen to be a washed out blonde, it’s time to blast some more color in there and while we are revamping your blonde; add extra drama with conservative threads of dark cinnamon, caramel or brown. Now that you have the perfect haircut and depending upon the strength of your hair; you may have gotten a body wave. Plenty of gusto coming up! The colorist will analyze your hair and gently lift or deposit some color in your hair one level. The secret is to be gentle and watch your hair like a hawk! Think of the bulk you will have from the cut and the character of your hair behaving. Picture what the color will do for your skin tones and your eyes.

All of these statements fully depend upon the degree of thinness and delicacy of your hair. Whatever the condition of your hair there is one thing for certain, you can look better tomorrow with a little bit of creativity. Most important, arranging your time for a bit of indulgence with a good reputable hairstylist to see exactly what can be done with your hair will most certainly bring promising results.