The Best Toddler Vitamins

A daily multivitamin for your toddler isn’t necessary, but it’s useful–one a day can help to balance your toddler’s diet and help to match his full nutritional needs. Remember to store your toddler’s vitamins out of reach in a childproof container; it’s easy for your child to mistake the vitamins for candy and risk an overdose.

Dr. Greene Toddler Drops

Dr. Greene Toddler Drops come in liquid form, which is recommended for young toddlers because it minimizes the choking risk, according to BabyCenter. This formula provides a dose of 10 vitamins plus DHA, a compound believed to assist in neurological development. This brand is also free of sweeteners, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors.

Pedia Vites

Pedia Vites by Michaels’ Naturopathic Program is another liquid toddler vitamin with generous doses of nine vitamins plus zinc. It has no artificial flavors or colors and is sweetened with stevia, a natural herb.

Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol

This liquid vitamin for toddlers comes in two formulations, one with iron and one without. It provides doses of nine vitamins and contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Rainbow Light NutriStart

Instead of coming in a liquid form, Rainbow Light NutriStart comes in powder form. You can mix the powder into your toddler’s cereal, applesauce, yogurt or smoothie for added daily nutritional insurance. It provides nine vitamins plus zinc and is made from all natural ingredients.

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