How to Find the Beauty in yourself

We’ve all heard the time-worn saying “beauty is skin deep,” but why do we, as individuals, find it so difficult to find the beauty in ourselves? Is all of the conditioning we get from the media on the standard of beauty affecting our judgment? If so, we need to find the beauty in ourselves.

What do we think of when we think of beauty? Most of our minds instantly conjure up the image of a picture perfect model with a beautiful figure, face, hair, skin, and more. How many of us think of a sunset over the ocean or the quiet serenity of a sleeping town covered in the sparkling blanket of white snow? I would say few because we are victims of what the ideal image of beauty as dictated by the media is, and for the most part, women personify beauty in the media.

It’s time for women to stop listening to that babble and start looking within themselves to find their inner beauty. Beauty may only be skin deep, but if we search deeper we find the essence of ourselves, the true beauty in our beings.

Mother Teresa was not a beautiful woman. I’m stating this as a fact, going by her outward appearance. However, her inner beauty shone worldwide because of the selfless character for which she was known. She gave of herself her whole life and was greatly loved and admired by all those who knew her and by the millions who didn’t.

Not everyone can be Mother Teresa, but we all have some qualities that shine through us that make us beautiful. Perhaps you are a young mother, busy every minute of the day with your children, your home, and outside activities. By nighttime, you are exhausted. Do you take it out on your family or whine to your husband about how tired you are the moment he comes in the door? No, because your inner beauty and love allow you to put a smile on your face as you hug your husband and tell him how happy you are that he is home. That’s beauty.

Women have to realize that copying an actress’s makeup or hair color does not help you find the beauty in yourself. Everything you do to beautify the outside package may be pleasing, but that type of beauty is fleeting. We all grow old and our bodies age. If we only have our superficial looks to fall back on, that is a sorry state. By finding the beauty in yourself, you will have more peace and satisfaction in life than by trying to keep up the outer image of a woman who never grows old.