How to be more Confident

How To Be Fabulous, Whoever You are, Whatever You do

First things first, one must acknowledge everybody can be Fabulous.
At any age of ones life, any shape, any size, any race any case!

Before reading on, establish who you are. Size, shape, curly hair/straight hair, blue eyes, brown. You are who you are, and anybody and everybody can make the best of themselves, feel great and be ‘Fabulous’. I encourage you all to except who your are and what you are. Every individual is different…after all, that’s what makes us interesting!

The Knowledge

I think any woman, feminine, sporty, grungy or girly can recognise what are the essentials needed to make any female feel feminine and fabulous! If not, don’t fret, this is what i’m here for!

Heels – After all, every woman should have a pair she can slip on to make her feel confident. They can make an outfit go from zero to 100.
Perfume – there are so many different scents out there, you really have no excuse to smell great! Smelling fab makes u feel more confident about yourself and you’ll be sure to attract more attention whether from the opposite sex or just another woman asking what you’re wearing!
Make-up – The general fact is ‘Less is more’. So you needn’t worry about not knowing how to put make-up on correctly or even knowing what all the products are. But if you want to make the best of youself, try a little foundation, not too heavy and make sure its the same colour as your skin tone- you don’t want to end up looking like a drag-queen! Also to get that ‘flushed’ look, dab a little cream blusher on to the apples of your cheaks, it’ll give you that healthy glow we all desire. Lastly, to make your eyes ‘pop’ and look beautiful add a coat or two of mascara…It’l transform your face significantly without being to much.
Jewelery – Don’t overdo it on the accessories, but definately add a little spalsh of colour to your outfit with a necklace, bangles, or a fabulous pair of earings. Whatever you’re wearing, it will brighten it up, making you instantly update your outfit.

If you can stick to these simple guidelines, you’re almost there!

Work With What You’ve Got

Now, it is incredibly important you establish what shape you are, so you can be Fabulous in the right way!

Petite- Petite women need to keep clothes in line, slim narrow belts. A slight contrast in colors and fitted lines will flatter you endlessly. Also stay with fabrics that are soft and flowing that fits well. Over powering prints should be avoided.
Tall Women- Embrace it! After all, supermodels are all towering above us shorties! You should induldge in wide belts, beautiful fabrics that will compliment you size, and evn if you are tall, do not be affraid to wear a great pair of heals!
Pear-shaped- A- line skirts in a structured fabric are great for skimming over larger hips. Stear clear of too many flimsy or ‘floaty’ fabrics that will add bulk, and cling in the wrong places! Not Fabulous!.
Hourglass- Show off your tiny waist with figure hugging clothes that will emphasise your great curves. Jackets and tops will look especially good on you if they have a belt, as you can pull it tight to show off your middle. Boxy styles and empire lines will not suit you as they will hit your chest and then flare out missing your waist.
Apple shape- Aplpe shaped women tend to be broader on top and have a narrower bottom half, you generally carry more weight around your middle. Dont let that get you down though as you have the slim hips and legs we all wish we had! Avoid tops that are too baggy, chunky knits being one. These just add unnecessary inches. The best tops for your shape are those that are not ‘lyrca tight’ but are reasonably fitted to skim your silhouette.

I hope this comes in handy, as if followed correctly your neerly as fabulous as can be!

Now, this is for all of you that struggle what to wear and how to be fabulous at your work christmas party event!

…uh ohhh. It’s the office christmas party coming round again and the stress of having nothing to wear or not knowing what to wear has already started frazzeling your brain.
Don’t fret. This anticipated event needn’t be such a headache, as long as you follow a few tried and tested rules….
It’s a little safe, but you will always be sure to look absolutely fabulous in a little black dress. Although it doesn’t have to be that little if your worried about getting your pins out. Pick a high necked one, if you are flat chested and a scoop or v-necked dress if you have a larger bust. You are guaranteed to look fabulous if you remember this along with all the other helpful tips i have given you along the way.

Now, the last thing to remember is to carry a smile on your face at all times, it doesn’t have to be a ridiculous cheasy grin, but smiling will make you feel more cheery and others will be drawn to you because you look like a fabulously friendly person.
I very much hope this guide will help you understand that YOU TOO can be absolutely fabulous whoever you are and whatever you do.