Home Remedy Treatments for Foot Odors

Having foot odor can be detrimental to your daily life. It bothers you, and you become self-conscious about it. Luckily, you can get rid of bad foot odors just by doing the following:

Soaking your feet at least once a week in a deodorizing foot soak will help remove and prevent smelly foot odor. Creating your own deodorizing foot soak is relatively simple and requires only a couple of ingredients. For a basic foot soak, you will need a tub that will accommodate both feet, a cup of baking soda, and enough water to fill the tub halfway. The water should be somewhat warm. Mix the baking soda thoroughly in with the water, and soak your feet for at least thirty minutes. You can add more baking soda if you want a concentrated amount, but usually one to two cups will suffice.

You may add other ingredients to this basic soak, such as dried or boiled herbs.

After you soak your feet, pat them dry and rub them with coconut oil. Coconut oil also helps with fungi. Be sure to use coconut oil that has been cold pressed, since this is as close to an “organic” version of coconut oil as it’s going to get. Be sure to use organic coconut oil because it has been processed less. This is what “cold pressed” means – the product has been handled less. If you cannot find organic coconut oil at your supermarket, try going to an Asian store, such as an Indian or Southeast Asian grocery store.

Make sure that your shoes allow your feet to breathe. If you are going to wear stuffy shoes for more than a few hours, and your feet are chronically sweaty, be sure to apply foot powder as often as necessary. Baby powder will also work, but it seems that the powders without fragrances work better than those that do have them. Perhaps it is because the fragrance does not mix with the natural sweat that emanates from the feet. Alternatively, you can also pat your feet dry every few hours or so.

As you can see, these homemade remedies for smelly feet will only cost you a few dollars at best. Compare that to the expensive treatments and ointments that you have to purchase from your foot doctor or from your pharmacy. Although these remedies are simple, they will work for the people who diligently try and use them.