Comparison of BMX Bicycles


Bicycle motocross, or BMX as it is commonly referred to, is racing around a dirt track. BMX racing was started when teenagers who were too young to race motorcycles began racing their bikes on dirt trails in California. BMX has grown exponentially since then. Today, BMX is an Olympic sport with competitions held all over the world.

Choosing a bike

There are a wide range of bikes to choose from, and the ultimate consideration must be the rider’s comfort on the bike. The best BMX bikes are those that are made up of the best individual components, such as handlebars, rims, forks and frames. The best bikes are expensive and might be overkill for novice and intermediate racers. Although many pro riders prefer custom bikes made from select parts, companies such as Premium, Redline, GT and Mirraco all build race-ready rides for less than $500.

GT Power Series XL

“BMX Plus!” magazine, which has covered the sport for more than 30 years, calls this bike “a racer’s dream machine” and says that it “is worth way more than the asking price.” The Power Series Xl is factory equipped with loads of brand-name parts and a reputation as one of the fastest bikes around. The bike that brought home two Olympic medals, the Power Series XL has a reasonable sticker price of $499..

Redline MXpert

This entry has at least one of the criteria for choosing a bike covered right from the word go: The low sticker price of $349. Although you might expect a drop in quality, Redline has figured out a balance between cost and performance. “This bike turned out to be so much more than we would have expected,” said “BMX Plus!” “If you are an expert sized rider with $350 to spend, this is currently the only bike you need to know.”

Mirraco Black Pea RI2

This rider-owned company was founded by one of the sport’s biggest stars, Dave Mirra, the winner of more X-Games gold medals than any other rider. The Black Pea RI2 is another top-quality bike for a reasonable price. Coming in at $490, the value of the parts is significantly higher than the asking price. “BMX Plus!” calls this model “a peak performing ride” and “a great bike.”

Premium Three Ring

Three Ring proves that it knows what it takes to produce a solid, well-performing BMX bike for $499. The technology is current, and the Three Ring features top components as well. “BMX Plus!” said that this bike “performed just as it should have and proved to be a solid, trustworthy ride ready to handle what you can throw at it.”

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