What Are the Benefits of Herbal Goji Berry Tea?

The goji berry, a red fruit originating in South China, is one of the most commonly available “superfoods” on the market. Goji enjoys popularity as a food source and medicine in much of its native range. Integrative health-care providers in the West may also recommend it as a complementary treatment for infectious illnesses and some forms of cancer. Goji berry tea contains the same antioxidants and other phytochemicals found in goji juice and fruit. However, no large-scale clinical studies have confirmed that goji tea offers the same benefits as goji juice.

Improved Mood and Cognitive Function

A May 2008 study by FreeLife International investigated goji’s effect on mood and cognition. The authors of the study found that people drinking goji juice felt more content, happy and calm. Additionally, after drinking goji juice for two weeks, the subjects said that they felt more focused and alert.

Sleep Improvement

During the 2008 study by FreeLife International, people drinking goji juice reported improved sleep quality and less fatigue than people drinking a placebo juice mixture. Goji drinkers also awakened more easily and had higher energy levels.

Gastrointestinal Health

According to Plants for a Future, goji tea is traditionally used as a digestive tonic. Goji drinkers at FreeLife International had lower rates of heartburn, constipation and abdominal pain than people drinking a placebo. Naturopaths may recommend goji tea to people suffering from reflux, irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease.

Heart Health

Plants for a Future notes that goji may support heart health. Goji tea and juice are traditionally used to treat hypertension and high cholesterol, but no human studies have evaluated this potential benefit.

Cancer Prevention

The American Cancer Society (ACS) does not recommend any single herb or food for cancer prevention. However, ACS notes that a diet high in naturally occurring antioxidants may protect cells from oxidation, a risk factor for some types of cancer. Goji tea contains carotenoid antioxidants which, according to Plants for a Future, may play a role in cancer prevention or treatment.

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