Tattoo Aftercare

I must admit, it probably seems a little strange that I, a childless, continent 25 year old, have chosen to write a review about a nappy rash cream. But if you bear with me, all will become clear!

Bepanthen is a nappy care ointment produced by Bayer. It claims to work in two ways to care and protect from the causes of nappy rash. Firstly, it contains Pro Vitamin B5 to aid natural skin recovery. And secondly, it uses a unique water-in-oil formulation to protect and hydrate the skin. For anxious parents, it’s approved even on the most sensitive of skins including premature babies as it contains no colours, fragrances, preservatives or antiseptics.

Bepanthen can be bought from most chemists and is available in two sizes. You can expect to find it with other baby toiletries. The box isn’t too dissimilar to the picture above and the cream is in a metal tube, similar to a toothpaste tube.

But why did I buy it? Well, on Saturday, I had a new tattoo on my ankle. Once it was finished, the tattooist asked me what cream I’d used on my previous tattoo. Thinking back, I seemed to recall using E45. He seemed unimpressed and recommended I use Bepanthen instead. He remarked how fantastic it was and said my new tattoo would be healed in now time.

So I headed straight out of the tattooist’s and into the chemist where I picked up one of the smaller tubes. Once home, I removed the cling film from over my tattoo and soaked it as advised. I then very gently rubbed some of the Bepanthen cream into my tattoo. The cream is very thick and is white with the slightest of yellow tints. Rather than absorbing into the skin, it forms a film like barrier so a little really does go a long way. The cream had no smell and surprisingly, didn’t sting or hurt in the slightest, despite me putting it directly onto my newly tattooed skin.

Over the weekend, I kept my new tattoo wrapped in cling film, regularly soaking it and reapplying the Bepanthen and a fresh layer of cling film. I was wary of leaving my tattoo exposed as I have a little cat that likes to rub up against my ankles and also, when I was out and about, the weather was appalling and I kept inadvertently stepping into puddles. Last night, I sat at my laptop with it uncovered with just a fresh layer of Bepanthen and today, I ventured out in the rain without the safety of my cling film.

Amazingly, my skin hasn’t scabbed over, it hasn’t felt sore and the tattoo is almost completely healed just 3 days after it was done. So whilst I can’t provide any firsthand experience on using Bepanthen for its intended purpose, I can certainly vouch for it as an excellent barrier cream and a fantastic aid to natural skin recovery. It’s not been tested on animals but I’ve taken the liberty of testing it on me!