Swollen Lips From Allergic Reaction

swollen lips pictures
If you have never experienced the pure excitement of having your lips begin to spontaneously swell to large, duck-like sizes, you are missing out on a vital life experience. Of course, I am being sarcastic.

Swollen lips is a form of  angioedema is described as deep, subcutaneous, submucosal edema  caused by increased vascular permeability. This can be an inherited situation or may be caused by an allergy.

From what I understand through a medical perspective, the swelling of lips is an auto-immune response in the body which results in inflammation. The immune system is basically the body’s police department. It ensures that no ‘criminals’ are allowed free reign within the body. Allergens, toxins, or even stress hormones within the body, are often seen as criminals by the white blood cells, who are like the chief officers of the squad. When the immune system feels threatened, it will become very active, and this creates inflammation. Depending on your body type, you may experience this inflammation as the swollen upper lip, or on your skin as eczema, hives, or rashes.

So everyone will probably have a swollen lip at some point in their lives, maybe you got into a fight, or maybe you just walked into something, but either way it is useful to know how to treat it a home. They say that an accident is most likely to occur in the home, not surprising then that it is recommended to have a first aid kit in your home.

Your first concern should be to stop the bleeding, if there is any, so clean the lip gently with some water using some sterile gauze, and then apply gentle pressure to it. This should stop the bleeding and then you can focus on dealing with the inevitable swelling. If the bleeding is heavy and does not stop after many minutes, or you suffer from a clotting problem, then go to the hospital.

1. Why is your lip swollen? If you have hit it fine, but if you don’t know, it could be due to an allergic reaction and it is imperative that you seek medical help if this is the case, if you think it might be, then call someone, as allergies can take hold very quickly.

2. Assuming you know why your lips is hurt, go the freezer and get a bag of some frozen vegetables, or some ice. Wrap it in a kitchen towel and press it to your lip gently.

3. Put some antiseptic cream or lotion on it, like savalon or dettol, this will keep it from getting infected if it is an open wound.

4. You can keep applying ice until the swelling subsides.

Make sure you haven’t lost any teeth; if you have you should go to the hospital.

If you think it’s more serious than just a swollen lip, possibly it may need stitches, so it’s always best to check with a medical professional, rather than wait. If it is a child that has a swollen lip, but no obvious injury, and they can’t tell you how they got it, it is best to seek medical help, as allergies can get very serious, very quickly, and the swelling can cause breathing problems. However unlikely it seems, it is possible that the child is reacting to something they ate or touched.

There should be no long term complications from a simple swollen lip resulting from an accident, but if you start to feel unwell with it, go to see your doctor.

You should make sure to always keep a first aid kit in the home, just for small injuries like this, which although aren’t life threatening can still be cause for concern.