Scalloped Tongue: Pictures, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Scalloped Tongue refers to a condition of a person’s tongue. It could look pale or too red, it’s sore or inflamed, the shape may be different and any other conditions that are not normal. The tongue in a human body is just like any other parts we have, it is essential. We use our tongue to eat, taste food and speak. Our tongue is also an indicator of our body’s status. With the use of our tongue it will show if we are undergoing any health issues.

Some stated that it’s not a health issue at all; it’s just because of the shape of your tongue. Most tongue is round shaped and relaxed while the Scalloped Tongue is crooked or in different shape. They say we just simple have a small mouth or we may have pressed our tongue hard enough on our teeth and it gives us this crooked and not natural look. Some grew up with this kind of tongue already while some gets it when they get older.

There are a lot of causes for you to have a tongue scalloping. You will also know whether you have “this condition” if you will get such symptoms but the good news is there is always a cure.


Scalloped Tongue Causes

Below is the list of what could be the possible causes of getting or having the tongue scalloping:

  • Allergies – if you have allergies and your body is experiencing some inflammation, it would also cause your tongue to inflame.
  • Your tongue is injured – if your tongue is accidentally injured, It would be normal that you will get your tongue scalloped for a short while because of the reaction of the tongue to the pain
  • Inherited – if it runs in the family and you are the lucky winner, you will have it all your life
  • Under Medications – some medicines would cause the pain in the tongue, it might turn red or pale
  • Lack of Vitamins and or Minerals – Vitamins and Minerals are a very important need of the body. Not being healthy means not having a healthy tongue too.
  • Anxiousness or Anxiety – Being worried or stressed too much could cause your tongue to be enlarged. Just like when you are much stressed, it would make you push your tongue so hard against your teeth. If it will be like a mannerism it would show permanent results and would cause you different shaped tongue which is what we call Scalloped Tongue.
  • TMJ or Temporomandibular joint syndrome – This means you have a joint problem in your jaw. This painful problem would cause you to get your jaw in a position which you feel comfortable and not painful. If this position would cause your tongue be pressed or being pressed it will give it a different shape or it will be swollen because of the pressure.
  • Dehydration – Lack of water in the body means your tongue will swell, will crack and will be scalloped. Sometime being extremely dehydrated would require you to be in a hospital to get some fluid IV.
  • Gastro problems – problems with stomach gas would cause your tongue to be very uncomfortable and if this happens it could cause your tongue to be dry or foul flavored.
  • Low it Iron or Anemia – With not enough iron or no iron in the blood at all will cause your tongue to be swollen.

What are symptoms?

A symptom tells you there is something wrong. Good thing is that symptoms of Scalloped Tongue are very visible and you will see it for yourself. Here are those:

  • The size is not normal anymore. It might be bigger, it’s inflamed or swollen.
  • The color if different. Most people with Scallop Tongue get either pale tongue or red tongue.

How to Treat?

As always, we must be thankful that most of the illnesses, health issues and problems have medicines or remedies. Good thing for Scalloped Tongues, there are quite a lot. Below are the Treatment, remedies and cures for the scalloping of the tongue:

  • You can use mouth guards as a first help.
  • Take a lateral sleep
  • Avoid putting or using piercings or mouth jewelries
  • Take vitamins that can be bought over the counter
  • Drink a lot of water daily
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Make sure to take regular cardiovascular exercise
  • Avoid pressing your tongue against your teeth
  • Try not to be stressed


Technically, it is not really a big deal. Most people have this shaped tongue since they are young and still live a normal life. Some are born already with Scalloped Tongue because of the position of their tongue inside their mouth. Some have small mouths and have side tongues. But if you are the type of person that have always had a relaxed and round shaped tongue and all of the sudden you start to feel the symptoms of having such tongue try to check first if you are feeling any of the causes that are listed above. If not or your tongue is severely strange, consult your medical practitioner immediately.