The Meaning of Sapiosexual and what that Means for Society

The word ‘sapio’ is a Latin word which means intelligence and good sense. Therefore the word sapiosexual implies that a sapiosexual is somebody who is sexually attracted and driven to a mate by their intelligence over all other considerations. The sapiosexual is sexually stimulated by the interaction with a mate of comparable or greater intelligence.

A sapiosexual will intentionally seek out a partner who is of equal intelligence to themselves of greater intelligence. Mostly they need the interaction of somebody of greater intelligence then themselves. A sapiosexual thrives on intellectual exchange. This intellectual exchange is funnelled into sexuality.

Intelligence is the overriding factor in choosing a mate. Intelligence is far more important to a sapiosexual than looks, personality or personal wealth. Sapiosexuals themselves are usually of higher intelligence than average. Sapio-sexuals needs the interaction of somebody who is equal or of greater intelligence to be fulfilled. The important thing to note is intelligence overrides all other considerations in choosing a partner or mate. Intelligence is the turn on, not looks, personality or any other factor.

This means in all probability that the union of couple, where at one is a sapiosexual is that the couple will be of exceptional intelligence. This is because it is only intelligence that bonds the couple together. Most couples will take a range of characteristics in choosing their mates, which can form the basis of looks, wealth, personality and class. Not so the sapiosexual who is mostly turned on by intelligence alone and other considerations are secondary and minor importance.

What does this mean for society? It means when sapiosexuals marry and settle down, the children are likely to be intelligent too. This is because both parents are likely to be above average intelligence because of the way they selected each other. If both parents are of high intelligence, there is more than a fair chance their children will share a similar level of intelligence.

The more sapiosexuals there are the great the gene pool will be of intelligent people. All countries need intelligent people for the prosperity of the nation.  Intelligent people become the leaders of society. Many will go on to be the wealth creators for the future.

Intelligent people give the most contribution to the arts, architecture and technology. They manage the factories, become our lawyers and engineers. Intelligent people teach in the schools and universities. They also become our politicians and statesmen. Intelligent people are the backbone of all societies.