List of Different Push Ups

Push-ups have long been considered one of the best exercises a person can do, regardless of the goal. Push-ups work virtually every muscle of the upper body and core, and have so many variations that the focus can be shifted from chest, to arms, to abs. The best part about push-ups is that you don’t need any equipment to do them.

Wide Grip

The wide grip push-up is done with the hands placed wider than shoulder width apart. This changed hand position places a greater emphasis on the chest.

Elevated Feet

The feet elevated push-up, which as the name suggests, is done with the feet elevated on any surface higher than the ground. This places a greater emphasis on the upper portion of the chest and the shoulders.


The dive-bomber push-up is a very challenging total upper-body exercise. Position yourself with your hands and feet on the ground, but closer together so your rear end is in the air in an upside down “V.” Lower your head towards your hands and swoop up to lift your chest up at the end. Reverse the motion and return to the “v” position to complete the movement. This variation requires some flexibility of the spine.

High Five

The high five push-up requires a partner to complete. With your partner in front of you so that you are looking at each other, perform a pushup, lift one hand off the ground to high five each other. Bring your hand back and do another push-up, this time, do a high five with the other hand.


The plyometric push-up requires explosive strength of the chest and arms. The plyometric push-up is done just like the standard push-up, except you push yourself up so forcefully that your hands leave the ground each repetition.


The T Push-up is a rotational exercise that incorporates a lot of shoulder and ab strength. At the top of a standard push-up, lift one hand off the ground and rotate so that your top hand is directly above the hand that is still on the ground, forming a “t.” Repeat on the opposite arm.


The planche push-up is one of the most challenging push-ups. The planche push-up is done by placing the hands near the waist rather than at shoulder level. Slowly shift your weight onto your hands so that your feet are off the ground; now push up and down without touching the feet to the ground.


The Aztec Push-up requires an extraordinary amount of explosive, and core strength to complete. Like the plyometric push-up, explode off the ground, while lifting the feet and performing a pike before landing and repeating the exercise.

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