Is Brown Spotting Common in Early Pregnancy

Brown Spotting During Pregnancy

Brown spotting is one of the common problems which a pregnant woman would experience during the pregnancy. This is normally considered as signs of miscarriage especially when it is linked with cramping, spotting and abdominal pain. Most of the pregnant women experience brown spotting with every trimester. The major strain and the added pressure on the joints, ligaments and muscles during pregnancy normally leads to discomfort, cramping and brown discharge during pregnancy in many women. The vaginal brown discharge enhances along with pregnancy progression. Any infection originating from vagina and traveling up to womb would cause brown discharge.

Brown discharge is not one of the common problems seen during pregnancy. Hence most of the women start to panic in case of its occurrence. As many women experience vaginal discharge which varies in color during their 1st trimester of the pregnancy, every kind of discharge cannot be considered as serious issue. The brown discharge can be considered as a normal phenomenon if and only if this discharge is not heavy along with blood clots or cramping or menstrual blood. If the discharge seems to be severe then it is definitely worrisome.

Major causes of brown spotting

There are various theories and opinions regarding this particular problem of brown spotting and the below given factors are believed to be most likely causes of brown spotting during pregnancy.

  • One of the major causes of brown spotting during pregnancy is sexual intercourse. As the cervix becomes very sensitive and tender during pregnancy , intercourse would lead to tear cervix which in fact results in brown spotting.
  • Implantation bleeding is another cause of this brown spotting. This occurs around two weeks post to conceived date that is when fertilized eggs get implanted on the uterus. The mild bleeding or brown spotting would continue for a day or two.
  • The vaginal infections like genital HPV, bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection are some of the causes of brown spotting during pregnancy. This infection leads to irritation, itchiness or burning sensation around vaginal area.

One of the severe causes of brown spotting is possibility of ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the embryo gets planted normally on fallopian tubes and starts to develop. This affects the woman’s health and hence one should make sure that it is terminates at the earliest.

If a pregnant woman experiences any sort of heavy brown discharge or spotting then she should consult her doctor immediately and get it diagnosed. Excessive brown spotting during early pregnancy is one of the symptoms to worry about. If this discharge is associated with thick red color discharge and severe cramps then pregnant woman should instantly approach her gynecologist. A light brown discharge or spotting in early pregnancy is not a thing to worry because it has been scientifically proved that it’s the old blood left over from the implantation.