How Women are being Fooled by the Airbrushed Models on Magazine Covers

Pick up a magazine cover and look closely at the models face. Now go look at your own in the mirror. See the differences? Her face has no pores, no blemishes, and no imperfections, whatsoever. This is not how this woman looks in her everyday life. In fact, this is not how this woman looked on the day that picture was taken.

We are human beings. We have to have pores or our skin would not be able to breathe. Some of us may have larger ones than other people, but they are there and they are visible. This model may not have any pimples or any moles or any other imperfections on her face, but the pore thing is a dead giveaway.

We normal, non supermodel types need to quit trying to compare ourselves to these women. It is their job to look fantastic on the covers of magazines. It is not ours. And no matter how much goop we glop on our faces, we are never going to shrink our pores down to a size where they are not visible. It just cannot be done.

Recently, I had a photography session done for a picture to put on the back of a book. The high resolution picture that they use would have shown every darn flaw I had, but bless the photographers little heart. She used her computer to erase the mole on my chest, the ruddiness in my cheeks, and the final product shows a dewy complexion, no mole on my chest, and I didn’t look close enough to see if I could still see my pores.

During the photo shoot, we had a conversation about how much makeup and lighting, especially lighting, can change a person’s appearance. She talked about how she has done shoots where the model comes in with no makeup on and she looks like an ordinary person. No raving beauty and nothing really striking about her. But after her hair and makeup are done, and she gets in front of the camera, a change takes place. Some people are just born to be in front of the camera. It has something to do with the angles of the bones in their faces or how they place their bodies. They know how to work a camera. She said they become another person and it is sometimes amazing to watch. When not in front of the camera, nothing special, but in front of it, AMAZING. That is why this person is a model.

So, next time you are looking at the cover of a magazine bemoaning the fact that your skin isn’t perfect, remember, neither is hers. It is covered in makeup, then the picture is taken with the best lighting possible, and then, it is airbrushed so that every possible flaw is gone. We don’t go through life like that. We are all flawed human beings, and our little differences and moles here or there make us special.

Love yourself for who you are and stop trying to achieve the perfection of an airbrushed model. You will never make it. Just remember, even they don’t look like that. Not even when that picture was taken. That was all done after the model left the studio, free of makeup and probably looking about as normal as the rest of us.