How to Make your Hair Grow Quickly

Scalp massage has more than one benefit: it stimulates the hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth and helps combat stress. Follow the steps below to reduce tension in the scalp.

Why is head massage – which is so popular in India and the Orient – so good for hair and our wellbeing? Health practitioners and trichologists can tell a lot about stress levels from the scalp. When we’re stressed, the muscles holding the scalp to the skull tighten; in fact, the scalp may hardly move at all if you try to manipulate it. Massage loosens those muscles, which in turn has a relaxing effect, at the same time boosting blood flow.

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is thought that head massage (which is an integral part of this approach to health) energizes the cerebrospinal fluid, strengthening the nervous system.
When oil is applied to the head, it is absorbed by the hair roots; these in turn are connected with the nerve fibers that lead directly to the brain. The oil also strengthens the hair, leaving it glossy as well as easing many scalp disorders, and even reducing,some believe, baldness. To make sure of the optimal functioning of an infant’s brain, mothers in India even keep a piece of cotton or linen soaked in oil on the baby’s fontanelle (the soft spot on the top of the head, which is covered at birth only by a membrane) until the bones of the skull close up in the weeks after birth.

You can do this to yourself or, better still, ask someone else to massage your head, and then return the favor! Stroke lightly from the forehead, over the top of the head and down to the neck. Next start at the temples and stroke over the ears. Repeat the sequence, using firmer strokes.

Using the pads of the fingertips make small but firm circles all over scalp. Start at the forehead and work back over the whole head. Pay spec: attention to the areas around the ea and at the base of the skull, where tension often builds up.

Don’t just move the fingers – move the scalp around as much as possible to help relax the underlying muscle. Stroke the hair, then lightly clasp a handful of hair from the root area and pull the hair upward, away from scalp.

Release the hair, then glide your fingers through it. Build up a rhythm, pulling with hand, gliding with the other. Imagine tension flowing out through the ends your hair. Position your hands on each side of your head, with fingers over the ears and the heels of your hands by the temples.

Gently press your hands in and hold for a couple of seconds. Slowly release pressure, glide hands up the sides of the head, and gently off the top. Repeat several times.

When performed daily, especially with carefully blended essential oils, head massage can stimulate follicle growth up to 30 per cent. Mineral and vitamin supplementing helps, too. Read more about this in my next articles.