How to get Big Hair

When people talk about big hair many people make the mistake of picturing the 80’s style of ultra stiff back combed into oblivion hair. But the new big hair is different. The new big hair is about volume and movement. Nobody wants to have hair that looks like a helmet because the new big hair is glamorous. 

But luckily enough you do not have to spend a fortune on a hair stylist to get the big hair you crave.

One of the first things you should do if you want big hair is switch your shampoo and conditioner to a volumising formula. These will help make the hair appear thicker and they will add more volume to the hair making it easier to get bigger hair.

Al though you can use two different types it is best to use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner with volumising products because many companies create the two specifically to work better together.

Once you have washed your hair you need to add some volumising spray or serum.Wait until your hair is about 70% dry before you do. if you add the products when your hair is too wet then they will be diluted by the water which will make them less effective.

When you dry your hair only turn your head upside down to dry your roots. If the rest of your hair dries whilst your head is upside down then it will be stiff and there will be no movement in it. To dry the rest of your hair take a tip from the hair dressers. use your brush or comb to lift your hair up and blow dry it whilst it is elevated. This will give you lots of volume and body but it will still maintain its natural movement. 

Always make sure that your hair is totally dry. If it is not then your volume will simply fall out. When you have finished drying your hair be sure to set your style with a blast of cold air from your blow dryer.

Another trick that many hair dressers use to get big hair is to crimp.Not on the outside but crimp the underside of your hair. This will increase the volume of the rest of the hair quickly and easily and no one will see the crimped parts.

Alternatively you could back comb the underside of your hair. Do not be too rough or back comb it too much.