Hair Tips and Tricks

Nobody feels great unless their hair looks great, too. Your hair style and condition can have a intense effect on your emotions. Learning how to keep your hair looking wonderful and how to combat potential hair problems can help make you feel in tip top condition, both emotionally and appearance wise.

Flat hair

If you are in a hurry when getting ready to go out, but see that your hair looks flat, you can quickly remedy the situation in the following way. Bend your head down towards the floor, so that your hair falls forward, and spritz it with warm water at the roots. Use your finger tips to work in the dampness. Then apply heat via your hairdryer to the damp areas, staying in the same position with your head towards the floor.

When your hair is dry, fling your head back and stand up straight. Use a wide toothed plastic comb to push your hair into position, and spritz it once more, only this time with a conditioning hairspray to hold the volume you have created and your hair style in place.

Frizzy hair

To help make your hair less frizzy, change your cotton pillow slips for satin or silk ones. This will also reduce the risk of you getting split ends at the same time as discouraging frizz.

You can also prevent your hair from being frizzy and fly away by using a natural bristle hair brush, and by not brushing your hair in a cold room when your body temperature is hot.

Greasy hair

If your hair is greasy and looks lank, you can liven it up and get rid of the grease in an instant by rubbing translucent face power into its roots then brushing it out. Refrain from using talcum power as it will make your hair look grey, particularly if your natural color is dark.

Hair with dandruff

If dandruff is a problem, try rubbing lemon juice over your scalp before your final rinse after washing your hair. You could also grind up several aspirin tablets and mix with shampoo to apply to your hair, as this will help get rid of dandruff, too.

Highlight blond hair

Highlight your blond hair by using chamomile flowers. Make a chamomile mixture by pouring boiling water over two cup-fulls of the flowers and leaving it to soak for several hours. Then strain the mixture and use it as your final rinse after shampooing your hair.

Add shine and depth to brown hair

You can make your brown hair beautiful by making a rosemary mixture by following the same method as for chamomile flowers above. Just replace the flowers with sprigs of rosemary and adopt the same procedure.

Conditioning dry hair

Condition dry hair naturally by scooping out the flesh of a ripe avocado and mixing it with mayonnaise. Use the mixture on your hair as you would store bought conditioner.

Hair you can do nothing with

If you are pushed for time and your hair looks simply dreadful, scoop it up into a ponytail and spritz it with hair cologne to make it appear fresh and well groomed. If you are a man with short hair, apply some old fashioned brill cream to your hair to create a stylish 1930’s look. Your hair will smell good and be far less gunky than if you used modern hair styling gel.