Fun Things to Do in Lincoln City, Oregon


As with most activities in the state of Oregon, many of Lincoln City’s fun activities lie in the great outdoors. And while this coastal town can get fairly chilly in the winter months, you can still take part in most outdoor activities year-round, provided you pack your rain gear.

Seafood for Dinner

Lincoln City’s beaches offer plenty of opportunity to grab a fresh bite for your next meal. You can rent all the equipment you need for getting crabs, mussels, or clams at one of the bait shops right in Lincoln City. Ask around at the local establishments to find the good spots for setting up your equipment.

Your own boat for the day

Get up close and personal with the Pacific Ocean, Devil’s Lake, or the Siletz River by renting a canoe, kayak, or even a motorboat from one of the local shops. Most boats are available for rent at Blue Heron Landing on Devil’s Lake.

Edible Oregon

Go on a trek to find edible plants with Chef Lee Gray of The Wild Gourmet. The longtime “food forager” will take you on a tour of the surrounding area to find native flora and fauna for your dinner. Check out his website,, to set up a tour in advance.

Skateboarding in the rain

Oregon’s tendency to spit rain on its inhabitants will not stop you from hitting the elaborate skateparks in Lincoln City. According to the city of Lincoln City, close to the popular and extensive outdoor Kirtsis Park is “The Cradle,” a skate park with a 5,600-foot area under a roof. Rain or shine, you’ll be able to test out your skills on the park’s bowls and lines.

Surf’s Up

With a number of good breaks nearby, Lincoln City definitely caters to its resident surfers. More than five surf shops in town offer lessons and rentals for those looking to hit the waves. But with chilly waters even in the summertime, a wet or dry suit is a good investment. The Oregon Surf Shop provides a Surf Report on their website, to keep abreast of the best times to hit the waves.

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