Dry Eyes Natural Remedies

Eyes are naturally moist and lubricated, but a variety of conditions may cause eyes to become dry and irritated. Eyes may burn, itch or feel as if there is a foreign body embedded in them. Dry eyes may be caused by certain medications, allergies, menopause or even an indoor air conditioning system. The medical term for dry eyes is keratitis sicca, meaning insufficient tears. Tears and eye moisture naturally clean the eye and remove dust and debris. Avoid chemicals and medication to treat dry eyes.

Indoor Air

Add an allergy filter to the indoor door air conditioning or heating system to improve the quality of air flow. Turn on a humidifier to add moisture to dry air; keep indoor humidity between 30 and 50 percent. Keep vents turned away from your face while sitting in a car. When flying, keep forced air pointed away from your face.

Warm Compresses

Place a warm compress over the eyes to increase oil production, suggests natural health website Mother Nature. Rinse a washcloth in warm water and rest it on the eyes as needed. Close the eyes and relax them for five to 10 minutes for relief. The method works well to remove dried mucous from the corner of the eyes, often found in the morning.

Protective Glasses

The sun dries out the eyes’ moisture and lubrication. Always wear sunglasses to avoid the sun’s glare. Wear sunglasses that wrap around the eyes (similar to ski goggles) to keep as much moisture as possible in the eye area.

Take a Break

Take regular breaks when watching TV, working on a computer or other activities where visual concentration is necessary, such as sewing or reading. Take a 10-minute break for every hour of heavy concentration. Close the eyes and relax to re-lubricate the area.


Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, suggests All About Vision. Seafood such as salmon, cod and herring are high in the fatty acid. Take a daily supplement of 2,000mg if you don’t eat fish on a regular basis or due to dietary restrictions. Supplements take two to three months for effects to be seen.