Curls without a Curling Iron

Caught without a hair curler or your hair can’t withstand the heat of hot hair tools? curls are easily achievable without electric curling tools. There are numerous techniques for creating curls, some require nothing more then a few pins or objects that can be found around the home.

The following techniques are a selection of the main ways you can create curls without using electric curling tools:


Wash and condition your hair as per usual, blot dry and comb out any tangles. Apply a curling serum to the mid lengths and ends. Divide the hair into sections approximately an inch or so wide and one at a time twist these sections until they curl in towards the head. If you have wavy hair it should hold this texture well and you can simply let go of the end you have been twisting and allow the hair to air dry. If your hair is straight then pin the twisted section to the head and only unravel once dry.


Shampoo and condition hair, blot away excess moisture and apply a little hair product with some holding power. Brush each section smooth holding it in an upwards direction form small loops with this hair against the scalp. Pin in place and only remove when the hair has dried. Loosen up curls by gently separating with your fingers, never brush over the top you will only cause a frizzy mess and all your hard work will be destroyed.


Although technically more of a wave then a curl many people consider this technique to be creating a curl. Braid or plait damp hair in sections, only do a few braids if you want loose waves or lots of small plaits if you want a tighter wave look. This style is ideal to do after washing hair before bedtime because the hair has time to dry by morning. To make it look like crimped hair gently brush it out slightly. Otherwise do not brush after unraveling.


There are lots of rollers on the market which do not require heat to form curls. They include:

-Plastic rollers which require pinning

-Bendy hair curlers that you simply twist together at the ends

-Ball and foam rollers that have a piece of elastic which holds the curler in place

-Self hold rollers that grip to the hair without pins

These curlers work well on unwashed hair to create curls. Day old hair has natural oils which mean it is not flyaway and retains shape much more effectively. You can easily turn these types of rollers into heated rollers by using your blow dryer on hot over your head after your hair is in the rollers


Fear not if you don’t have any of the above rollers on hand there are numerous objects you can find around the home which can act as rollers. All you need is something to wrap the hair around. For example, old toilet roll holders create big bouncy curls, thick pens or pencils create tight curls and old sewing spools are great to keep on hand for regular curling. How about how they used to curl hair back in the day, they simply used fabric strips! Obviously you will need to exercise some caution when using objects from around the home because they may have unwanted side effects else.

There you have it, plenty of ways that you can achieve a head of curls without new fangled electric curling tools!