Brown Semen Causes

Normally the semen is tending to be a milky white color in healthy men, brown sperm or semen is most often caused from blood. The causes of blood in your semen can usually be traced back to one of several reasons. As hard as it is to confront such an issue, the good news is that bloody semen is common and treatable, it should not negatively impact your fertility, and it should not present any other physical challenges if treated properly and promptly in most cases. There is however the possibility that it is a sign of a much greater serious medical issue which does require immediate attention.

What are the Causes

Bloody semen is known as hematospermia (haemospermia). The manner in which you identify if blood is present in your semen is as simple as looking at it. What you will notice is thin strands that are pink or red in color throughout your discharge. This may cause semen to appear a rust color as well, or in some cases it may appear to be brown. What you need to keep in mind is that the older the blood in your seminal discharge is, the darker the discharge will appear. Therefore if your discharge is a light red closer to pink in color, the blood present is very fresh.

There are seven main reasons as to why you may have blood in your semen. Prostate cancer or cancer of your reproductive organs or bladder is a possibility and the most severe disease or trauma that red semen would indicate possibly being present. In most cases however, it seems to statistically trend toward a recent trauma to the testicles or prostate, a urinary tract infection, a complication from a recently performed surgical procedure (usually involving catheterization), benign prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis, or an STD.

If you are sexually active with multiple partners, an STD is usually the culprit that has caused bloody semen. Sometimes having a ball hit you in the groin area when participating in sports, or even sex which involves positions which put the penis in an abnormally strained position could be a possible cause. Usually if either of those scenarios is the case, the red semen you have seen will usually occur once or twice and end.

Discoloration in Semen

Discolored semen can mean a few of different things for men:

Pink or brown semen: As mentioned above, it’s usually due to blood in the semen. In some case, men with a diet of high amount of protein can get their semen to become brownish colored. Changing to a more balance diet is a good way to stop getting brown semen.

Yellow semen: Slight yellow hue is normal semen, however, there may be some things while the yellow is pronounced. 1. First time of ejaculation in a long time. 2. In combination with some urine. 3. Infections such as urinary tract infection (UTI) and gonorrhea.

Green semen: Infection like gonorrhea or chlamydia is the common cause, and other issue with your prostate will be possible factor as well. Your doctor should be consulted immediately.

What to do

If you identify blood in your semen, there is no need for immediate alarm unless it is accompanied by persistent pain in the region residing between your rectum and genitals. The general rule of thumb regarding blood in your semen is that if it appears on more than three separate instances, it is time to see your doctor. If you are over 50 years of age and bloody semen is accompanied by frequent or urgent urination needs, that is also an indicator to seek medical advice right away.

Tip: Avoid any aspirin products since it can cause internal bleeding, stop the aspirin until cleared with the doctor.