Bowflex Tricep Exercises

The Bowflex home gym series provides you with options to work your triceps as well as every other muscle group. The triceps run along the back of your upper arm. The triceps only job is to extend the elbow, which means to straighten your arm. Flexion of the elbow, or bending the elbow, is the opposite movement.

Resisted Dip

The resisted dip exercise targets the triceps muscles from a standing position. It is not the same as the tricep dip exercise that is performed on dip bars or a chair. You begin this exercise by facing away from the Bowflex power units and holding a hand grip in each hand. The hand grips are attached to the lat tower with your elbows bent and your palms facing behind you. Hold your elbows out to the sides at shoulder level. Then, press your arms straight toward the floor to engage your triceps. Bend your elbows and raise them back up to the starting position.

French Press

The French press exercise is done seated on the bench of the Bowflex. Your triceps will work together to raise the weights over your head during this exercise. To begin, sit on the bench facing away from the power unit. Your hands begin behind your head with your palms together and holding a hand grip in each hand. The elbows are bent and pointing toward the ceiling. Once you are set in the starting position, simply raise your hands toward the ceiling by straightening your arms. Do not bring your elbows forward. Instead, keep your elbows next to your head. Next, bend your elbows to complete one French press.

Hammer Tricep Kickback

The hammer tricep kickback exercise works your tricep muscles one at a time. Working your muscles separately can be effective if one arm is significantly stronger than the other. If one tricep is stronger, it may overpower the other during exercises that use both arms simultaneously. Perform the hammer tricep kickback by facing the power unit and bending forward at the waist until your back is parallel to the floor. Hold one hand grip in your right hand with your palm facing your body. The arm should begin close to your side and bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, straighten your arm to extend the elbow and work your right tricep. The exercise is done when you bend your arm again. The left side should be worked equally.

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